Whether it’s your very first flight, you are just starting out or a pro flyer you can book coaching with Elise.

Elise is an IBA rated tunnel instructor working full time at iFLY Downunder in Sydney. Elise has competed at state level, national level and represented Australia internationally at indoor skydiving competitions.

Elise is an indoor skydiving  athlete currently ranked #13 Freestyle flyer in the world at the FAI 3rd World Cup Indoor Skydiving 2018 which was held in Bahrain.  In Australia Elise is a WA state champion silver medal winner and Australian national bronze medal winner indoor skydiving freestyle athlete.

You can contact Elise directly to arrange your coaching, just email Elise from the contact form on this website, email Elise directly or chat Elise on Facebook. Coaching payments are made directly to Elise by Cash, Paypal or credit card. I can email you a click to pay invoice for easy payment.

Elise has a unique and different approach to flying and coaching and encourages students to learn to feel the wind and fly rather than one method fits all. Every student is different and Elise fine tunes training and coaching to the individuals needs. Elise is also passionate about health, exercise and relaxation through yoga and stretching, and can advise you on different techniques to help your tunnel flying.

Contact Elise for a chat today and progress you’re flying to the next level.