With the iconic backdrop of Sydney Harbour Bridge how could I resist the urge to fly.

Elise indoor skydiving on Sydney Harbour


I was recently lucky enough to visit the Royal Caribbean cruise ship Ovation of The Seas while it was docked at Sydney Harbour. For those not familiar, Ovation of The Seas has an indoor skydiving wind tunnel on board as one of its many and numerous entertainment attractions for guests.


Having never been onboard a cruise ship Ovation of The Seas strikes an imposing scene docked on Sydney Harbour at Circular Quay.

The wind tunnel on board is a 10ft iFly tunnel atop the back of the ship along side a flow rider surfing simulator

It doesn’t get much better than indoor skydiving on scenic Sydney Harbour. The thrill of skydiving in a completely safe and controlled environment, the first ever skydiving simulator at sea from RipCord by iFLY.

Right next to the wind tunnel catching some waves you can surf your way across the Pacific on the FlowRider®, the 40-foot-long on-board surf simulator.


So how was flying in Ovation of The Seas skydiving simulator wind tunnel?

All wind tunnels are unique in their wind flow characteristics, their power, and the dynamics of their air flow. The tunnel on board Ovation of The Seas was a unique challenge to try some freestyle flying in a 10ft tunnel given that my home tunnel at iFly Downunder in Sydney is a 16ft wind tunnel.

After 15min of warming up and getting to know the tunnel I managed a few moves with the Sydney Harbour Bridge as a backdrop… what an amazing tunnel and location to fly. This little tunnel packed some power and is fun to fly.

After some solo freestyle flying one of the Ovation of The Seas iFly instructors threw up a challenge of a bit of two way dynamic flying … in a 10ft tunnel .. bring it on we gave it a go, checkout the video below.



The Sports Manager and his team of iFly instructors were an amazingly friendly and professional crew. The tunnel has a great modern checkin area and all the latest gear and equipment.


What an amazing day. After flying I spent a few hours exploring the ship, from the main food areas and restaurants to dodgem cars, Casino and shopping mall, I had not even begun to see all the activities and services that were on board.



Maybe a quick trip to the Casino


Ovation of the Seas Casino


I cant even begin to list them all checkout more information here on the things to do abroad Ovation of the Seas. If your looking for more information checkout the website Ovation of the Seas Experience


Elise Brown is an indoor skydiving instructor and tunnel athlete passionate about health, lifestyle, fitness and the art of freestyle flight. See more at www.elisebrown.com.au

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