Thanks to all ladies who attended our last night for 2018. A special thanks to my fellow ladies night organisers Izaya and Doni.

A big thanks to iFLY Downunder for continuing to support and encourage the female flying community.

Everyone is progressing and improving their flying and most important of all having fun

It’s been a pleasure to see the progress and skill building from all the ladies who joined us at the start of the year. Everyone is progressing and improving their flying and most importantly having fun. Ladies night is about bringing all ladies of all skill levels together for a night of fun.

Ladies night is about bringing all ladies of all skill levels together for a night of fun.

Always plenty of high fives and smiles as everyone has a few laughs about the night antics over the food and refreshments provided

Want to join a fun group of ladies for some social flying and fun ?

We currently have a great group of ladies who try to get to each event. Indoor skydiving doesn’t mean you need to be a skydiver, thats one of the great things about indoor skydiving. It is open to everyone in a fun and relaxed environment and flyers are super supportive of other flyers and everyones progression.

Just to name a few of our regular flyers: Bec and Janis are new flyers, non-skydivers, who love the atmosphere. Manuela and Steph drive all the way from Canberra for the event. Alice is mega bendy and enjoys being able to learn new flying skills from fellow female flyers. Courteney never thought indoor skydiving would become her sport, but after joining ladies night, found a love of the group dynamics. Nicki is an absolute shredder at the tunnel and has recently put lots of time and effort into her flying progression.

The group has a mixed skill level so this ladies night saw everything from belly flying, back flying, head down, freestyle to some human pyramid building. Nights like this allow everyone to try new moves and see what new skills and moves they can aim for in their progression.

In between bi-monthly ladies night events most flyers come and work on their skills, and get coaching from the iFLY coaches and instructors. It is always fun to see everyones progression each month.


Ladies night runs once a month, details can be found on the Flight Club Facebook events page as well as the ladies night facebook group

SKILL LEVEL: Ladies of all skills and abilities are welcome! You need to be signed off to fly with others (Speak to iFLY staff if you’re unsure).
DISCIPLINE: Get involved in whatever you’re into, whether it be belly or back, dynamic or static, head up or head down and meet a great bunch of ladies with the same passion as you.
PRICE: $139 – INCLUDES 1 hours of shared flight time, food and refreshments.
*always check the iFLY and Flight Club offical announcements for final event details

Indoor skydiving is a sport open to the whole family and all abilities. If you’re thinking about getting into a new fun sport or just a new social activity to relax and have fun, have a chat to one of the friendly iFLY Downunder instructors. If you have any questions on getting into the sport of indoor skydiving or just trying it out for the first time you can call iFLY on 1300 366 364  email or better yet come on down and checkout all the fun.

iFLY Downunder also has a junior flight club catering for kids which runs through the school term.

Elise Brown is an indoor skydiving instructor and tunnel athlete passionate about health, lifestyle, fitness and the art of freestyle flight. You can fly or coach with Elise at iFLY Downunder in Sydney

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