Elise and Izaya host this event once a month at iFLY Downunder in Sydney mentoring and growing female flyers in the sport of indoor skydiving and body flight. Elise and Izaya encourage flyers of all levels so come along and get involved for a fun night.

Indoor Skydiving is a friendly inclusive sport open to all age levels and perfect for both social flying with friends as well as competitive indoor skydiving. iFLY Downunder holds Ladies night once a month and the tunnels at Perth and Gold Coast also hold regular Ladies Nights.


WHEN: Next Ladies night: 26th May checkout the Ladies Night Facebook group for the event details

*Minimum skill level: You must be able to fly on your back safely in the tunnel and be signed off to do so with others. To book call iFLY Downunder on 1300 366 364, message Elise, or see the customer service staff at the tunnel.

Are you just getting involved in the sport, want to meet some amazing friendly flying ladies ?

Come along to a ladies night and have some fun in a relaxed and inclusive friendly environment. Any questions you can contact me by email or any of other social media contact details on this website.




Some of the flyers at iFLY Perth enjoying ladies night.

It’s not all about flying, each of the tunnels have different theme’s from event to event anything from Yoga night, Kombucha night, scented candles and gift bags. Feel free to suggest different theme’s for your local ladies night.

Ladies night at iFLY indoor skydiving tunnels is about a fun social night, building your flying skills in a friendly environment and most of all having fun and meeting new friends.

So book yourself in to the next ladies night and find out what all the fun is about.


Elise Brown is an indoor skydiving instructor and tunnel athlete passionate about health, lifestyle, fitness and the art of freestyle flight. You can fly or coach with Elise at iFLY Downunder in Sydney www.ifly.com.au

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