Learning to fly at an indoor skydiving tunnel is fun and easy for all ages. So how do you get started with your first indoor skydive?

Indoor skydiving athlete and tunnel instructor Elise Brown shows how easy it is to come along and give it a go.

You will see the term indoor skydiving used a lot now that wind tunnels have become more available around Australia thanks to iFLY with their indoor skydiving facilities in Sydney, Gold Coast and Perth. These tunnels are state of the art multi million dollar training facilities running 7 days a week open to people of all ages providing a fun safe training environment for all those who are curious and interested in seeing what indoor skydiving is all about.

Indoor skydiving is far more accessible to the average person and has a faster progression rate than outdoor skydiving. Indoor Skydiving is a whole new sport of body flight and artistic freedom which is now available to all ages and skill levels from first time flyers to pro flyers.

You can see below as I training a first time flyer and already they are flying on their own and becoming independent. This is just the first step of discovering the endless possibilities within indoor skydiving such as static flying, dynamic flying and artistic flying.

One of the many joys I find being an indoor skydiving instructor is watching individuals gain confidence both in and out of the tunnel as they progress further in the sport.


Indoor skydiving is a relaxed and fun training environment. Skydivers regularly come to the tunnel to learn and improve their body flight skills. Below I am coaching a skydiver in the skill of back flying, one of the first progressions in the tunnel after learning belly flying.



At the end of each first timer class we do a short demo flight to showcase the skills and flying that are possible in the tunnel. I enjoy the demo flight after each class so flyers are aware of what is possible and where they can progress to if they take up indoor skydiving as a recreational activity with friends or meet new friends and fly at the tunnel.



You to can take part in the exciting new sport of indoor skydiving today no experience required. It is open to all ages so get yourself down to one of the iFLY indoor skydiving tunnels and give it a go , see what it feels like to fly. The sport of indoor skydiving is a fun friendly new sport where you can learn to fly with others, meet new friends and take part in the many social flying events as well as explore competition flying.

There are many fun organised events each month run at each iFLY tunnel so first timers and novices can come along, meet new people and discover the sport of indoor skydiving.

Elise Brown is an indoor skydiving instructor and tunnel athlete passionate about health, lifestyle, fitness and the art of freestyle flight. You can fly or coach with Elise at iFLY Downunder in Sydney www.ifly.com.au

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