It’s not just about the kids at iFLY Downunder the grownups have fun as well. Working at iFLY Downunder in Sydney I meet a variety of amazing customers every day.

The first class for the day 8:30am on Saturday morning was a group of mates celebrating a birthday. How much fun can a group of grown men have in a glass tube at 200 km/h? Lots !

Thanks to Will, Patrick, Andreas, Paul, Sam, Mark, Jason, Rob and Richard you all did a great job indoor skydiving for the fist time and it was great to meet you all and take you for your first indoor skydive.

I sometimes see a few smiles especially with big groups where I’m not uncommonly the smallest person, when as a small 18 year old female I greet the group saying hi I’m your instructor today. Let me reassure you instructors go through rigorous training. You can checkout part of my journey to becoming an instructor here:

The class starts with the group heading to the briefing room 30 minutes prior to the flight time where everyone is briefed with a few simple instructions including a short video. After putting on all the gear it’s time to go to the staging area where there are seats for the class, this is where you wait for your turn to indoor skydive.

Tunnel staging area waiting your turn to indoor skydive and fly


There are various indoor skydiving first flight packages to choose from, the group today were sharing two families and friends packages that included a total of 20 flights. Indoor skydiving packages start from just two flights.

Indoor skydiving is great value considering the group was sharing the equivalent of 20 outdoor skydives from 14,000ft all completed with a simple 30 minute briefing and then flights are completed within one 30 minute class. Even better the whole group is there watching all the action right on the other side of the glass cheering each flyer on and watching everyone’s progression.

Friends and family watching outside the tunnel are also able to feel part of the activity as they can stand, or sit, right on the other side of the glass cheering on while watching all the action. Groups always get excited when a first time flyer shows some fast skill building and achieves solo flying with guidance.

Another great element of indoor skydiving is that the tunnel is able to capture video and photos of all the flights and you can review and buy your video or photos after the flights. In addition friends and family are welcome to take photos and video from outside the tunnel on the other side of the glass but nothing beats the up close action of the tunnel cameras.

Indoor skydiving is the modern way to check out what skydiving feels like as your getting maximum value every flight. We don’t have to worry about aircraft reaching altitude, air traffic delays, weather or parachutes being opened high to make it back to landing areas. The weather is always perfect indoors with our fully air-conditioned facility. It never rains, never too windy, conditions are always perfect for an indoor skydive.

A few of the group below doing some guided solo flying.


When I take a class the aim is to correct your body position, arms, legs and get you flying in a nice comfortable neutral flying position. First time flyers who respond to directions and follow the simple instructions can easily achieve guided solo flight on their fist visit.


Some simple corrections to the arms


During your early indoor skydiving  experience we will keep a close eye on your flying and correct your body position until you learn the basics.

Nice work !



A big thanks to the whole group you all did an amazing job today.

One of the highlights of my job as an indoor skydiving instructor is when first time flyers return and take up one of the great value discounts that iFLY gives return flyers. I can then continue teaching you the art of body flight and indoor skydiving. It’s so much fun and you will feel an amazing achievement once you master all 6 points of motion and discover the sport of indoor skydiving.

One of the best things you can do to fast track your learning and really get a taste of what indoor skydiving is about is to book in a Fast Track package. Normally $389 for 10 flights but it gets better, if you have already done an intro flight iFLY offers you a discount if you come back within 6 months. The Fast Track includes:

  • 10 flights for 1 person
  • All equipment including flight suit, helmet and goggles
  • Hands-on personal assistance from a flight instructor on all flights
  • All video footage included on a USB

That’s amazing value when you think you are getting the equivalent of 10 outdoor skydives from 14,000ft all achievable in a one on one personalised training session with your own instructor by your side every flight.

You can also read more on learning to indoor skydive here

I work as an instructor at iFLY Downunder in Sydney but you can book in at any of the iFLY tunnels which are located in Sydney, Perth and on the Gold Coast. For Information on booking indoor skydiving checkout the iFLY Downunder website.

Elise Brown is an indoor skydiving instructor and tunnel athlete passionate about health, lifestyle, fitness and the art of freestyle flight.

You can contact Elise  if you have any questions about the sport of indoor skydiving or coaching.

See you in the wind

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