Tonfly 2018 Tunnel Jumpsuit Review

As a full time tunnel instructor and tunnel athlete the quality of a jumpsuit plays a major role with performance and progression.

I spend many hours in the wind for work with 30 minute classes instructing several times each day through the week as well as training time for competitions. The slight differences between jump suits is highly evident for performance and comfort.

Here is my preliminary review of Tonfly jumpsuits. Tonfly are my 2018 jumpsuit sponsor however like all good companies Tonfly has asked for honest feedback and review of their products.

As a tunnel instructor and tunnel athlete I believe it is important to provide honest and open feedback to manufacturers about their gear and equipment so companies can continue to provide the tunnel community with high quality functional clothing and equipment. I will always try to keep my reviews and feedback as honest and neutral as possible and solely based on the fit, performance and quality of the product and equipment being flown.

Preliminary Review

It was with much excitement and anticipation after carefully measuring that I received the new TonFly jumpsuits. The two models I will be testing and flying for Tonfly are the Uno.630Flex and a brand new model for freestyle which has not yet been released.



An easy to understand set of measuring instructions were provided on the Tonfly website. This includes an automatic formula which works out if the provided measurements are potentially incorrect.  I found the Tonfly instructions easy to understand and straight forward.



The Tonfly crew were friendly and easy to communicate with and answered all of my questions helping with custom logos and graphics for the new suits. The ordering process was simple and straightforward.



The fit was perfect out of the box.

Some of us have all been there putting on that new jumpsuit only to find an arm or leg too long or something too tight or loose. It was a pleasure to find a perfect fitting jumpsuit with no need for any adjustments.

Having a well fitting suit that has equal pressure across the entire spread of your body allows for the most accurate flying technique to be used. Instead of flying the suit you are flying your body’s surface area and weight which is the purest type of flying.


Especially for freestyle and dynamic suits it must be a challenge for manufacturers to ensure a perfect fitting suit given the form fitting structure. Most manufacturers are very helpful and receptive to adjustments and getting the right fit if your jumpsuit isn’t quite right.

You can read my article on choosing and ordering your first jumpsuit. However I highly recommend the person you choose to measure your suit is someone experienced in measuring jumpsuits. If not that’s ok, just make sure that you get them to re take your measurements 2-3 times.

Each manufacturer will have a set of measuring instructions so ensure you stand or flex the body part exactly as directed.

The two Tonfly suits arrived with a perfect fit after I carefully following the measurement guides and re-checking measurements multiple times.



Jumpsuit comfort is important especially for flyers needing a lot of flexibility.



The Tonfly freestyle and Flex suits both have a slightly different feel. The freestyle suit has less cuts which maximises flexibility across all areas as well as slightly softer material however still holds a lot of power and flys fast.

Personally I prefer a suit that allows for a medium reaction time when flying freestyle. A slow responding suits feel a bit spongy to fly in and a fast suit makes my style of powerful yet slow and controlled flying hard to achieve. The Tonfly freestyle suit hits the sweet spot between flexibility, power and control which makes it my preferred freestyle suit for now.


So How Does It Fly ?







Initial flying  indicates good build quality on the suits construction and closure points.

This is an initial review based on some early test flying. More detailed reviews will be posted as training for 2018 continues in the Tonfly suits. Stay tuned for more feedback and reviews.


Elise Brown is an indoor skydiving instructor and tunnel athlete passionate about health, lifestyle, fitness and the art of freestyle flight. You can fly or coach with Elise at iFLY Downunder in Sydney

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