I had the pleasure to meet two guys on a learn to skydive adventure spanning 10 years when they visited iFLY Downunder, both were doing a Fast Track indoor skydiving package.

Two friends doing their AFF learn to skydive course with Sydney Skydivers.  Daniel and Mark, friends since school had previously visited an indoor skydiving tunnel overseas.

Like a lot of things on bucket lists time goes by. Fast forward 10 years and now both Daniel and Mark have completed their ground training and stage 1 AFF skydives last week with Sydney Skydivers . During a weather hold at the skydiving centre they decided to visit iFLY Downunder to improve and brush up on their flying skills before proceeding with more outdoor skydiving.

One of the great advantages of indoor skydiving is that the weather is always prefect for flying!

Daniel and Mark booked into one of my classes for an iFLY Downunder Fast Track package which includes 10 flights. The package includes coached training where you receive one on one coaching from an instructor. You can read more on Fast Track packages and learning to skydive indoors on one of my previous articles: Learn to Skydive the modern way

When you first enter the tunnel we will cover the your basic body position, I will help out with the entry and keep an close eye on you providing feedback and corrections. Both Mark and Daniel receiving some basic tunnel entry and body position  corrections.

Once we have covered the basics it’s onto some coaching covering maintaining your levels, fast fall, slow fall, controlling your turns left and right as well as forward and backward movement.

Both Daniel and Mark progressed well with their flying skills both having 10 flights each.

That’s amazing value when you consider they had just completed their first AFF Stage 1 outdoor skydive the previous day and now, doing some indoor skydiving training, they completed the equivalent of 10 outdoor skydives from 14,000ft in just one 30min flying session. All Fast Track packages include full HD video of all 10 flights to take home.


Learning in the tunnel is made easier with full video de briefing. As Daniel and Mark rotated taking turns flying they were able to watch their last flight on the big TV screen in the tunnel staging area. This is important as it gives flyers visual feedback on their last flight before getting back in for the next flight, great for learning and progression.

Some video of the boys flying, great job Daniel and Mark




So with some indoor skydiving time completed in just one easy 30 minute session, the equivalent of 10 outdoor skydives from 14,000ft, it was onward and upward to the outdoors with Sydney Skydivers and back to the sky to complete their outdoor AFF learn to skydive course.

So how did they go with their outdoor skydiving ?

What Legends! Over the next two days Daniel and Mark rocketed through their AFF skydives with the team at Sydney Skydivers, below their stage 6 AFF and 7 AFF jumps.

Back on the ground after their Stage 6 AFF and Stage 7 AFF jumps.


Thank you to both Daniel and Mark it was great meeting you both and having you in one of my classes. Your are both legends for progressing so well both in the tunnel and the sky.

If you are interested in indoor skydiving and the growing sport of tunnel flying checkout the iFLY Downunder website for more information.

For outdoor skydiving the boys trained at Sydney Skydivers checkout their website. If you are not in Sydney for your closest skydiving centre the Australian Parachute Federation website will help you locate your closest skydiving club.

Thinking of first time indoor skydiving I would love to see you in one of my classes I work at iFLY Downunder in Sydney but there are tunnels in Perth and on the Gold Coast. You can also read more about is Indoor Skydiving like the real thing in a previous article: https://elisebrown.com.au/indoorskydiving-like-the-realthing

Elise Brown is an indoor skydiving instructor and tunnel athlete passionate about health, lifestyle, fitness and the art of freestyle flight. See more at www.elisebrown.com.au

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