iFLY Virtual Reality set to revolutionise indoor skydiving in Australia.

Working as an indoor skydiving instructor one of the common questions I am asked by customers,  is indoor skydiving really like jumping out of a plane and outdoor skydiving ?

Indoor skydiving in Australia is booming as people discover the joy of human flight in a fun safe and relaxed environment, no planes or parachutes required, and the weather is always perfect for indoor skydiving. Indoor Skydiving is its own unique fast growing sport and so much more. You can read more on the differences between the two in one of my other articles   https://elisebrown.com.au/indoorskydiving-like-the-realthing/

iFLY have now developed and introduced VR indoor skydiving to Australia. ISAG National Marketing Manager Cheryl Dawson, “We have been waiting for the technology to become advanced enough that the experience replicates the skydiving experience perfectly, we are very excited with our new product”.

“Virtual reality will allow users a real-world skydiving experience, without the need to jump from a plane or even wear a parachute.”

real-world skydiving experience, without the need to jump from a plane or even wear a parachute

The VR Skydive product has just been launched this week and is available at iFLY Downunder in Sydney and coming soon to the Gold Coast and Perth. You really don’t want to miss out on experiencing a VR skydive.

I took my first customer for a VR skydive this week and was thrilled to be able to introduce this amazing new experience to customers. While it may look fairly simple and low key, and it is,  there is a lot going on in both technology and training.

As instructors we undertook special VR training to allow us to delivery this VR product to first time flyers.

When a customer flies the VR simulation the instructor loads the helmet VR equipment and the specialised VR video delivery system which is synchronised to an external wireless TV screen visible to the instructor. As the customer watches their own personal VR simulation flight in their helmet VR the instructor is watching the same VR simulation video on an external TV screen. This allows the instructor to synchronising the customers body orientation and flight direction with the VR video they are watching in their helmet. This ensures the customer experiences a realistic flight simulation with their physical flying in the tunnel matching the VR simulation in their helmet screen.

Customers have a choice of VR simulations including a wing suit base jump, skydive over Hawaii and skydiving over the Swiss Alps. Why not try all the VR simulations !

When we think of VR traditionally we think of VR as gamers sitting in front of a PC. iFLY are now leading groundbreaking real life VR experiences in Australia allowing customers to not only watch a realistic VR but actually experience the VR while indoor skydiving.

Experience Skydiving and Base Jumping around the world with iFLY VR !



Just in time for Xmas iFLY have released a full experience VR gift product that includes two test flights and three different VR skydives. Don’t miss out, get yourself and your friends down to your closest iFLY indoor skydiving facility located in Sydney, Perth and the Gold Coast and try out the latest in real life VR skydiving experiences.



I look forward to seeing you in the wind and meeting you in one of my VR classes or coaching sessions at iFLY Downunder.

Elise Brown is an indoor skydiving instructor and tunnel athlete passionate about health, lifestyle, fitness and the art of freestyle flight. You can fly or coach with Elise at iFLY Downunder in Sydney www.ifly.com.au



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