Representing Australia at my first international competition is a little daunting and with only 55 min training time in the budget to use on arrival at the Gravity tunnel  I was not sure what to expect.

After 18 hours traveling from the land down under it was a relief to finally arrive in Bahrain. I awoke to a beautiful 29 Degree morning.  It was off to the the tunnel to checkout the venue.

It is a little surreal watching all the amazing flyers online and on social media and then finally seeing everyone in real life. A little like watching a cartoon come to life in front of you. Everyone at the tunnel was super friendly and welcoming.


Meeting New Friends

It was so great to finally meet some of the flyers


Checking Out the Teams

GRAVITY INDOOR SKYDIVING have done an amazing job and you can checkout all the teams on the touch screen displays in the tunnel reception.

Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq

Exploring the amazing Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq. You can read more about my stay at the hotel here:

Relaxing after 18 hours travel

Getting some sunshine after some late night training

Day 1 and still a little tired I went to the tunnel to check out the venue. I had 45min training time in the budget and this was booked for the 24th so I was feeling a little anxious about not flying until right before the competition.

As luck would have it there was 15min available later that day at 1am in the morning. So thanks to my support crew, my dad, for pitching in another 15min training time.

So after a power nap in the afternoon back to the tunnel and what a great feeling to get flying and scope out the tunnel speeds and start to practise my routine.

My support crew did grab 5min flying out of the 15min !

Elise Brown_Gravity

Keen to get into some deeper training and bring on the competition.

Thanks to all the supporters and sponsors who got me here!

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